Agora(s) -an immersive and generative video installation

conception/realisation : Nicolas Clauss
multimedia support: NAO<=a(TNK)


Agora(s) is a  generative audiovisual installation. It is deployed on five,  four metres (16/9) wide screens.

Two hundred three second sequences filmed in public spaces in a dozen different locations around the world form the basis of this work.

Agora( s) explores and deconstructs the position of the anonymous individual and his unconscient interaction with the outside world. Groups of individuals are formed by chance, linked solely by the fact they find themselves in the same place at the same time. In these scenes of everyday life we see how individual bodies react within a mass, movements are repeated and set against a sparse and hypnotic   generative soundtrack to form an overall choreography.

The filmed locations are geographically, culturally and economically different. Agora(s) examines the many ways we occupy and cohabit public places. We glimpse as passerbys and onlookers stand, sit, play, look up, as their actions overlap and collide in squares, parks, beaches and esplanades all over the World.   

Coproduction Les Quinconces l'Espal scènes du Mans, Actoral, Seconde Nature

with the support of montévidéo, centre of contemporary creations, Institut Français de Hanoï, Institut Français en Chine, Alliance Française de Bangalore, Institut Français de Bogota, Institut Français de Barcelone, Institut Français de République de Corée and Air France.

with the friendly help of Institut Français de New York, Zinc, Instants vidéo and Alliance Française de Trivandrum.

Thanks to Jean-Jacques Birgé for the cello pizzicati