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12 Decembre 2003

Turbulence Artists' Studio
: Nicolas Clauss

Serge Diaghilev's radical idea of ballet was that it should be an
integrated spectacle in which music, choreography and design were all of equal importance: in 1917, Satie, Massine and Picasso collaborated in
"Parade." In the mid-20th century, John Cage and Merce Cunningham
collaborated with both Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg to create
numerous interdisciplinary events, many of which included audience
participation. In the early 21st century, Nicolas Clauss, Jean-Jacques
Birge, and Didier Silhol continue the experiment in "somnambules"

While not all of Clauss' works are interdisciplinary he is a prolific,
multifaceted artist whose diverse interests range from intimate
portraits to social and political commentary. His works conjure terms
like "painterly," "gestural," and "mark-making," words that are likely
to be unfamiliar to many net.artists. Clauss has successfully
transitioned from the two-dimensional world of painting to the temporal
world of the Web. His success is both due, in large part, to his equal
passion for image, sound and motion, and his desire to bring his
audience into the mix. Clauss works tirelessly to reach into the hearts
of his "users," speaking to our humanity with wit, beauty, and love.

Jo-Anne Green

articles - biographie - actualité