An interactive installation by Nicolas Clauss

Through drawings and recorded interviews, nearly 300 teenagers express their own perceptions of the world. Words intermingle, drawings post and erase like on a school slate, an interactive fresco, both poetical and sociological, to which the spectators movements give life. (interactive device with heat sensors).


Exhibitions :

-April 2006, ECM MJC Trencavel - see article
-September 2006, Gallery Pascal Vanhoecke, Paris
-November 2006, Chapelle St Dominique, Mende

The Slate was realised during an artist residency at Collège Jean Bène of Pézénas, through the Hérault council and the DRAC.

Interactive and aleatory music was composed from teenagers recording (Alistair Brown - saxophone, Pierrick Nègre - violoncelle).